CRO - Conversion Rate Optimization

We help brands increase performance with paid advertising through AI-based & multi funnel conversion rate optimization – without having to use 1$ more in adspend

How we increase your
conversion rate

  • Fase 1: Data Clarity

Our first step is to get Data Clarity. By looking into your backend in Shopify, Meta, TikTok and/or your CPD program such as Triple Whale we create an overview in our custom made excel sheet of your dream clients behaviour on each media.

  • Fase 2: Analysis & Growth framework

Based on your customers buying behaviour and our experience we make an individual growth strategy. Here we’ll find the most acute bottlenecks, low hanging fruits and biggest leverage activities. Imagine being able to identify exactly why a certain ad or image worked and why specific psychological triggers work on each individual page. By implementing our framework for conversion rate optimization into your existing processes we’re able to make the service low-effort and time-consuming for you.

  • Fase 3: Content Iteration & Testing

Last phase is moving into our constant iteration process. We do this by establishing our A/B testing softwares Kamleleoon/Google Optimize. Our main goal is to boost conversions and AOV across the WHOLE funnel. Our second goal is to gather learnings and implement it accordingly. The beauty of A/B testing is that we can test different psycological triggers. Imagine knowing exactly which pain points, colors, images etc. to use to boost the conversions rate. By constantly testing we get smarter and our win-rate of testing will get exponentially bigger together with your conversion rate. Both on the website but also from the creatives on your paid social as they determine 50% of our CRO success.

Black Week design

How you can increase your conversion rate

We know what it takes to be successful on TikTok. It’s not just about going viral — it’s about content that humanizes your brand and provides value. We develop a content blueprint customized to your brand’s DNA to discover your voice on the platform and zero in on the content your community desires most.

Concept design - Product page

Visualization of a product page optimization

On this concept design we have: 

1. Restructured the page so all the important information is “above the fold”.

Result is that the client can gather information faster and easier. Hence making the bounce-rate smaller. 
2. Added descriptions to the header-icon to decrease cognitive load for the user.🧠
3. Added payment options to decrease worries about payment options.💳

Order a free concept design for your store

Visualization of optimization points

When you order a free concept design at FABO you get to choose which site you want it on.

  • Frontpage
  • Collection page
  • Product page
  • Card / Checkout flow
  • You name it

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