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FABO grows ambitious e-commerce brands with revenue up to +1 million $ in monthly turnover and all the way down to $ 50,000 per month.

Featured Case

62% growth within the first3 months

TikTok, Facebook ads and conversion rate optimization of Astralis Nexus funnel was the primary driving force for the immense growth of 62% within the first 3 months.


Revenue increase 3 month into the cooperation


Conversion rate pr. click


CPA decrease

We’ve looked at the numbers before we had Fabo and after we’ve entered a cooperation with Fabo. We’ve kept the customers, increased LTV and increased revenue with 62% even after we’ve turned of paid advertising… They were extremely serious, answered quickly and we will recommend Fabo to anyone looking for a growth adventure without equal.

62% growth in revenue 3 month into the cooperation

304% growth within the first 2 months

TikTok, Facebook ads and conversion rate optimization of SelfieTime's website was the primar driving force for the immense growth of 304 % within the first 2 months.


Revenue increase within the first 2 months




Email list increase


CPA decrease


Increase of AOV


Conversion pr. click increase

"The guys from FABO really know what they are doing"

A more holistic marketing set-up and strategic sparring became the primar reason behind the reduction of price pr. purchase by 26% simultaneously with growing the AOV by 29%.

100% growth in the first month of the cooperation

Bikeworld are already running the biggest bikestore in DK with a stable 2-digit million revenue / month. Yet it was possible to increase revenue by 100%.


Average ROAS

1,5 mil.

Generated for a physical sale based of 20k in ad spend.


Growth in revenue


Average ROAS


Revenue increase


Booking increase pr. Cafe

From 1 to 3 Cafe's within the first year of the cooperation

Compared to other cooperation we've had there's is a world of difference and the results speak for themselves. Vi have just opened our 3. Cafe and we started the cooperation with 1 Cafe.

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